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Dhvani – Magic Bow

Lalgudi Jayaraman (1930-2013) had a unique attribute: a visual imagination. He painted characters and settings on his mindscreen as he composed his music. His compositions became the auditory forms of the visual scenarios he imagined.  He found greater freedom to do this by opting for ragas never used before for the genres he chose.

That is how his jatiswaram in Raga Rasikapriya depicts a shipwrecked couple exploring an uninhabited island, the varnam in Charukesi follows a woman deluded into playing hide- and-seek with the lover - who has never left her side! The tillana in Pahadi has a God dancing on the mountain, protecting nature and the environment, to nourish body and soul.

My script and directorial design grew out of listening to the master bowman’s music from childhood. My understanding acquired more dimensions when I interviewed him and reviewed his concerts as a critic (The Hindu). Now JustUs Repertory combines dance, music and storytelling to recreate the visual scenarios for the music as imagined by the composer. We also roam with him through the village scenes of his childhood which inspired him in his life and music.

Sheejith Krishna rises to the challenges of the choreography with flair and innovative vision.


Phil Maneri: Kaleidoscope

Sometimes the best art is unplanned. Fire up all your senses as Phil Maneri’s musical talent pairs with musicians, dancers, and a projectionist for an improv conversation using the language of music. These are Columbus’ best artists taking you on a one-of-a-kind journey where inspiration melds music, movement, and video art in real-time.

Additional details coming soon.

Leah Wong – Guided Gallery Tour

Join exhibiting artist, Leah Wong in an informative and in-depth tour of her exhibition, +/- Perspectives, at the McConnell Arts Center.

Karin Dahl – Guided Gallery Tour

Join exhibiting artist, Karin Dahl in an informative and in-depth tour of her exhibition, "How Does Color Sound?" at the McConnell Arts Center.

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