Week 3 (Apr. 2) Kate LaLonde – A Brief History of Worthington

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Week 3 (Tuesday, April 2)


Kate LaLonde – A Brief History of Worthington

Worthington was founded in 1803 by a group of people with big dreams and aspirations for their new town and the families they brought from hundreds of miles away to start anew. For the last 200 years, Worthington has been home to settlers who braved the frontier, students who were educated at institutions of learning, leaders in political, social and commercial endeavors, and everyday people who have created the community. Streets are lined with buildings spanning eras from the town’s founding to more recent, and the architecture too has stories to tell. In this class, Historical Society Director Kate LaLonde will share Worthington’s stories, both infamous and lesser told, through pictures.

Kate LaLonde is in her tenth year as the Executive Director at the Worthington Historical Society, where she enjoys researching and sharing the stories of the community. Originally from Westerville, she attended the University of Michigan before coming back to the Columbus area where she lives with her husband and son.