Lance Johnson: POST NO ILLS at the MAC


Presented by PNC Arts Alive

On View: January 20, 2022 – March 12, 2022

POST NO ILLS at the MAC, presented by PNC Arts Alive, is a multi-disciplinary celebration of urban art placed in a suburban setting. The exhibition features works by Columbus artist Lance Johnson. Lance is an aerosol artist originally from New York City whose work is a vehicle for urban development, using improvised collage to tell stories in a celebration of urban life.

The phrase “Post No Bills” is commonly seen on construction walls and other public areas in New York City, denoting the prohibition of advertisements or signage in a given area. In a turn of phrase, POST NO ILLS seeks to explore and celebrate urban life and art, inspired by graffiti, spoken word, and the unifying message of art for all.

“I was always drawn to the phrase ‘Post No Bills’ and the abstract collage of torn posters, urban scrawls and weathered decay. These walls served as the beginning of an idea I would begin to develop: POST NO ILLS. POST NO ILLS is a declaration to celebrate and center inspiration. Using our platform as creatives to inspire the world with our unique perspectives. Using our music, dance, fashions and visual art to celebrate the beauty, diversity and vibrance of the urban environment. POST NO ILLS is a declaration of the power of WE THE PEOPLE.” – Lance Johnson

Exhibition made possible by funding from: