Stephanie Rond – Spacewalkers

Image: Stephanie Rond, Recognition, Justice and Belonging

On View September 19, 2024 – November 14, 2024

Inspired by the ‘spacewalkers’ that repair the Hubble telescope, Spacewalkers is a series of works that explore figures who exist in liminal spaces, spaces both human and otherworldly, spaces of creative possibility and personal peril. These figures tell a different story about the purpose of public art as well as the women and marginalized people who are too often excluded from participation as well as representation.

About the Artist

Stephanie Rond (Columbus, Ohio) is an internationally recognized painter whose street art, canvas paintings, and community works subvert and reimagine traditional expectations of space, place, gender, and power. Rond is the founder of and S.Dot Gallery, a dollhouse that exhibits miniature art pieces and challenges notions of domesticity and art accessibility.