Celeste Malvar-Stewart—Artificial Horizon

On View May 19 – July 9, 2022

The artificial horizon instrument in a plane informs the pilot of the aircraft’s relationship to the true horizon of the earth’s surface. This exhibition was inspired by this instrument that I watched ardently during flights with my husband as he flew our Piper Cherokee single engine plane over parts of Ohio. It both celebrates the rich aviation history of Columbus – especially BIPOC and women pilots – while exploring how the idea of an artificial horizon relates to our own individual horizons; how we each see.

It features aviation inspired couture fashion and fibre artwork created by sustainable fashion and fibre artist Celeste Malvar-Stewart, using deconstructed and waste materials, natural dyestuff, and wool and alpaca fibre sourced from happy animals living on Ohio family farms. This body of work invites us along on a journey via flight plans, film, fibre, and fashion; expressing a sense of freedom during one of the most historically challenging times in travel history.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19

6:00pm: Join us in the Main Gallery to see the the artwork revealed, and to hear Celeste Malvar-Stewart give her insights on the exhibition.

7:00pm: Watch the premiere screening of Thomas Sawyer’s documentary, Every Fiber, in Bronwynn Theatre. This documentary chronicles the artist’s creative process from the local farms where her fiber is sourced all the way to the creation of the artwork seen in this exhibition at the MAC.

The opening reception is free to attend.