Beth Dekker

Elizabeth Dekker, a passionate artist and educator, brings a range of diverse experiences to her role as an instructor at the MAC. Growing up in rural Western Pennsylvania, her journey in the arts began with a strong foundation in theatre and communication during her undergraduate studies in Grand Rapids, MI. In 2002, she ventured to Columbus, where she completed her Masters in Theatre at The Ohio State University, focusing on theatre management, communication, and direction.

Her commitment to fostering creativity and community led her, along with her husband and four friends, to co-found the arts company Wild Goose Creative in 2006. There, she immersed herself in various artistic disciplines, and in 2013, she discovered her passion for ceramics at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. Entranced by the challenge and limitless possibilities of the medium, she has continued to hone her craft over the past decade.

Beyond her roles as an instructor and Social Media Coordinator at the McConnell Arts Center, Elizabeth is deeply involved in the arts and tourism scene. As the Tourism Director for Experience Worthington and the president of the Capital Area Tourism Association, she strives to connect people with creative and exciting experiences, showcasing the vibrant cultural landscape of our beautiful state.

When she’s not immersed in the arts, Elizabeth cherishes quality time with her husband and two sons in Worthington, where they explore the wonders of the community they call home. As an art instructor, Elizabeth seeks to inspire her students to tap into their creativity, embrace the joy of artistic expression, and discover the boundless potential of their own artistic journeys.