Char Norman: Listen to the Earth

On View through Thursday, July 8.

Conceived around the theme of eco-psychology, this exhibition provides a reverential look at nature. The need to respect, protect, and reconnect with nature, as well as recognize the absolute inter-connectedness of all things is emphasized in Norman’s commitment to using natural elements, handmade paper, fiber, and other traditional methods to construct objects of veneration. Through woven forms, collaged materials, papermaking, and multi-media constructions, Norman aims to  transform the gallery into a sacred space in an act of devotion, questioning pressing environmental issues our society continues to turn away from.

Norman states, “As the natural environment is slowly deteriorating, and as we lose our sense of interconnectedness, we are forced to deal with the casualties of our actions.” For Norman, she deals with these actions through the act of making. The time commitment and care taken with these pieces reinforce a reverence for the natural, and the hand-made, furthering her interest in object making and its relationship to her direct environment. 

“In most religions of the world the dead are honored in significant ways, often through the creation of icons, reliquaries or vessels, which hold actual relics of the loved one or capture the spirit. I find it interesting to build on the religious tradition of reliquaries while encapsulating what are essentially pagan ideals; lifting nature’s elements to the level of sainthood. As I continue to explore natural relics as icons, votive, or objects of reverence, I hope to engage the viewer in a way of seeing that may lead to a respect and appreciation for the environment.”

 – Char Norman

Artist Bio 

Char Norman is an accomplished fiber artist specializing in papermaking and fiber sculpture. She received a Master of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University and a Bachelor of Art from Scripps College. She has lectured and exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally. She has developed and conducted workshops for all ages, worked as a consultant to area schools and community arts organizations, held the positions of Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty at Columbus College of Art & Design and has now returned to the studio as a full time professional artist. Her work can be seen at

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