Building Confidence through Style- Teen Summer Intensive (August 7 – August 11)

Building Confidence through Style- Teen Summer Intensive

Ages 11 to 18 (Grade 6 – Grade 12)

Courtney Smith

Monday – Friday, August 7 – August 11

4:30pm – 6:30pm

Certified Personal Stylist, Courtney Smith realizes how social media messes with people’s confidence and wants to teach people how to use style to overcome those moments. Courtney will guide students through identifying their style goals and how they want to show up in life through clothing. Style is much more than clothing, it’s a way to stand out when you don’t know how to use your voice, or a way to tell a story about who you are in the world when you don’t have the words. Whether music, art, people, or books inspire you, there’s a way to harness that inspiration and turn it into how you want to dress and have fun with it. You’ll learn different strategies when it comes to putting outfits together through textures and color. You’ll be provided with tools to help guide you through the exciting world of fashion such as color wheels, fabrics, and more. Upon completion of this workshop you’ll have a clearer picture of what your style is, develop a higher level of confidence and have fun in your closet!

FEE: $180

Enrile Classroom, Lower Level