TNCS: The Un-Valentine’s Show

TNCS: The Un-Valentine’s Show

December 14, 2011

Thursday Night Concert Series

Music Type: Themed Music

Valentine’s started as a day devoted to a saint, but nobody remembers that anymore. We’re awash in a deluge of commercial sentimentality and forced attentiveness—an event as mercantile and manufactured as those nasty little candy hearts. 

Had enough? Of course you have, and here’s the antidote: an evening of laughs, healthy cynicism and fine music titled “The Un-Valentine’s Show: Songs and Tales of Unforgiveness, Heartbreak, Dysfunction and Revenge.” 

What started as a one-off, themed evening in 2006 quickly formalized into an ongoing event, filling and selling out venues in an ever-widening area. Presented in a relaxed, singers-in-the-round format, an Un-Valentine evening is a sparkling, freewheeling event featuring twisted break-up songs as well as the sort of sharp, spontaneous interplay that can develop only among three such simpatico artists, honing “Un-Valentine’s” over the years into a can’t-miss event. Performers include award winning musicians Jamie-Sue Seal, Dave Boutette and Detroit Blues Champ John Latini.

Hole in My Heart

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