Music @ the MAC: The Matt Venus Project

Music @ the MAC: The Matt Venus Project

September 15, 2010

Thursday Night Concert Series


Matt Venus- Guitar, Mark Oates- Vocals, Jim Mogavero- Drums, Alan Beavers- Bass

It used to go by many names, Frampton, Jeff Beck, Van Halen. In the 90’s it might have been called Satriani, or Vai. Then it all but disappeared… only to have a resurgence as one of the best selling video games of all time. What is it? The Guitar Hero…the guitarist who didn’t just play…rather became part of the instrument….and it part of them.’s not a sin. For Matt Venus it’s a way of life. A sought-after guitar teacher for the last 18 years in Ohio, Matt applies his craft to the fullest in the latest release, PROJECT STARGAZER (released 9/14/10 on Alba Records) by Matt Venus Project. This release is a follow up to the more introspective 2006 CD titled ACHILLES’ HEEL. Joined now with powerful vocalist Mark Oates and the familiar rhythm section of Jim Mogavero on drums and Alan Beavers on bass, MVP seeks to rattle your cage this time. Is it rock, prog, jazzy, or metal? The answer is yes, all in their own good time.


Achilles’ Heel- 2006 (Alba Records)

Project Stargazer- 2010 (Alba Records)   available for download at and CDs at shows



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