Ed Phillips & Juliette Montague

May 25 – August 13, 2017

Ed Phillips
Main Gallery

Local artist Ed Phillips creates unique and captivating textures in his abstract paintings through the use of sand, tissue and modeling paste. Rediscovering his artistic side after his retirement a few years ago, Ed started painting seascapes and landscapes, but found limited success. He then decided to venture into the world of contemporary art and stumbled upon an artist who used paper and other materials to create texture. Ed attempted to replicate this effect, but he formed his own distinct abstract style through the use of modeling paste. The black and white pieces on display at the MAC are some of his first creations where he discovered the “magic” in textured abstraction, and he’s never turned back.

Strong Woman

Juliette Montague
Corridor Galleries

A MAC faculty member specializing in bookmaking, encaustic collage and linocut printmaking, Juliette Montague showcases her own unique encaustic pieces in this exhibition. She incorporates everything from leather to wire, fabric, old tins, jewelry and images, creating a unique blend of textures, patterns and colors. Humor plays a large part in Juliette’s work, both through the imagery and the play on words she finds inspiration in. Her pieces evolved from an interest in exploring and interpreting the “metaphysical and the physical world, the secular, the spiritual, the sacred and the profane,” often capturing imagined moments in time. The collage of materials and images serve to create striking narratives on history, pop culture and the “beauty of the flotsam manufactured by our society.”